About us

Founded in 1988, STARGUARD Security is offering a broad array of customized, high quality, integrated consulting and security services.

Our extensive experience and know-how enables us to be prepared at all times for threat and danger assessments followed by planning and actualization of effective security strategies, adjusted particularly to your needs.

Our company’s up-to-date structure and ability to discern new dangers arising from modern-day social and commercial reality allows us to adjust our systems so as to both predict and offer the best protection against any danger. That is why we make sure that no danger is dangerous.

With fully updated and well-run equipment we collect all the necessary pieces of information in order to evaluate it immediately and to carry out coordinated, effective actions.

Our criteria for hiring our personnel are extremely strict. Our carefully selected personnel is continuously trained so as to always excel in physical endurance, psychological responsiveness and latest technology handling.

Our team is comprised of highly trained personnel, skilled and able to understand and implement any action and technological plan.