The ultimate security for all your needs

Our company’s basic priority is the constant betterment of our services, in order to give you technologically advanced and high-quality solutions.

Today, INTERSTAR Security is an exemplary consulting and security services company providing:

  • Threat Assessment and Protection Planning
  • Communication Security Services
  • Incident Prevention Planning
  • Individuals’ and Procedures’ research and inspection
  • Crisis Management
  • Civil and Criminal Research
  • Fleet of cars’ handling via satellite
  • Special Security Training
  • Support with our specialized highly trained personnel
  • Special security-safety services for VIP’S and important figures
  • Special security, safety and protection services for Pieces of Art, Museums etc.
  • Special security services for susceptible to danger organizations such as Airports, Banks, State Buildings, Institutions, Ports etc.

All the above enable us to execute a precise and integrated danger assessment and to react or deter danger from occurring in the following situations:

  • Threats of random or premeditated damage
  • Criminal Activities
  • Organized terrorism
  • Capital and information transfer
  • Security consulting to individuals & companies

Safe Solutions

Our philosophy is to always offer the safest and most integrated solutions to our clients, the most up-to-the-minute technology in alarm and surveillance systems, the most updated set-up systems, the most qualified staff.

With “safe solutions” that enable us to always correspond successfully to each and every one of your demands and safety problems. This is the cornerstone of a fruitful and successful collaboration. This is the cornerstone of a fruitful and successful collaboration.

Our philosophy is this, because we strongly believe this is the only way to do our job right in this line of business.

Guarantee and Service

STARGUARD Security can guarantee you unmatched “quality guarantee”, perfect service offer by our service network and proves our credibility for more that 19 years in Greece. The result: Unmatched security systems, that function perfectly giving you the certainty that you, your family, your property, your business are no longer in danger.